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Price: Not Specified 7 Days / 6 Nights

Is it your first visit to Hurghada ? for a week or more ? there are a lot of activities and things to do such like excursions to Cairo , Luxor and Hurghada itself Here we grouped the most popular tours in Hurghada as a holidays package with special offers .

Arrival at Hurghada airport, Your Tour Guide will assist you through passport control formalities, luggage identification & portage. From Hurghada airport you will be transferred by a private A/C vehicle to your hotel for checking in.

Enjoy Hurghada city tour, you can not say i have been somewhere unless you discover its highlights, Let us take you on a panoramic private tour of the beautiful city of Hurghada, visit the cultural sites, the iconic New Marina and enjoy some shopping time for souvenirs and more.

Your tour guide will pick you up in the afternoon from your hotel in private A/C vehicle to start your city tour to visit :

Visit Mosques & Churches
Visit Hurghada New Marina
Visit Hurghada Aquarium
Shopping stops
Coffee shop
Drive back to the hotel

Enjoy a private day trip to Cairo from Hurghada to visit The Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, then return back to your hotel in Hurghada by a private air-conditioned vehicle .

Leave the beach for a day and head to Cairo in luxury in a private tour . Accompanied by your private Egyptologist tour guide who will pick up you from the hotel around 03:00 AM to start the journey to Cairo , driving 335 KM on the coast of the red sea towards Suez , then driving 120 KM from Suez towards Cairo Approximately 5 hours driving plus a rest stop in the middle of the way in zafarana rest house for 30 minutes for breakfast, coffee and 🚾 bathrooms use , then continue driving to Cairo for two more hours to reach Cairo around 09:00 o'clock at morning to discover :

The Egyptian Museum :
The home to the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of art , including treasures from Tutankhamun and artifacts dating back to 4000 BC. Over 250,000 genuine artifacts are presented.
Unfortunately, you have no enough time to see everything over there , that is why your visit to the Egyptian Museum will be divided into two parts, a guiding tour and some free time to look around the museum on your own, at the end of the guiding tour the meeting time and point will be fixed.

Lunch will be served in one of the best local restaurants in town, lunch is including just the drinks are extra paid.

Giza Pyramid Complex:
Tour the Giza Plateau, upon arrival to the pyramids area you got to go outside the vehicle to go through a checkpoint, then you start your tour around the site of the ancient pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus. six little pyramids, the great sphinx the ancient world’s largest monumental sculpture, carved from a single ridge of limestone and the Valley Temple, which belongs to the Pyramid of Chephren The complex dates back to the 4th dynasty 2400 years B.C.

At the end of the day , you will be transferred by the private air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel in Hurghada.

Your tour guide tours gives you the chance to enjoy adventure and culture on a quad bike, a Camel ride , followed by BBQ dinner with Bedouin people using the awesome desert sunset as your backdrop. An-hour jeep driving through the desert brings you back to the starting point of your tour.

Upon arrival, you will have an hour Quad runner session on the sand of the desert.
Then, you ride a camel for 30 minutes.
Later, you will be met by your Bedouin hosts and introduced to their traditional life.
Settle in for the evening and enjoy the desert sunset as you feast on a Bedouin BBQ dinner.

Joining the Jeep for one hour through the desert before returning to your hotel.

Enjoy a private day trip from Hurghada to Luxor to visit Karnak temples, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Colossi of Memnon then return back to your hotel in Hurghada by a private air-conditioned vehicle.

enjoy an unforgettable experience, you will be picked up from your hotel around 05:30 AM in A/C vehicle accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide to discover Luxor highlights.

Upon pickup you start traveling to Luxor, first driving 60 KM on the coast of the Red Sea towards Safaga the next city to Hurghada , then driving 160 KM through the eastern desert of Egypt from the coast of the Red Sea towards the Nile valley , the first city you are reacting on the Valley called Qena , and Qena is 60 KM far away from Luxor , so all in all 280 KM the whole distance from Hurghada to Luxor, approximately 3 hours and a half driving .

A rest stop in the middle of the way in one hour and a half from the pickup time in some coffee shop where you can take your breakfast and some coffee, using the bathrooms as well, then continue driving to Luxor for couple of hours , around 09:30 o'clock you are reaching Luxor to start your tour .

Luxor itself as a city is divided by the river Nile in two banks, eastern bank and western bank, you have some sightseeing to visit on the east and more on the west, you are starting the tour visit the east bank of Luxor, the first visit will be to The Karnak Temples:
No site in Egypt is more impressive than Karnak Temples, where generations of pharaohs wished to record their names. Walk through the Great Hypostyle Hall, to reach the sacred lake of the temple, The Karnak complex is actually three main temples situated on 247 acres of land considered as the largest religious center ever built.
Unfortunately, you have enough time to see everything over there so your visit will be divided into two parts a guiding tour and some free time, by the end of the guiding tour the meeting point and the meeting time will be fixed.

The next visit will be the restaurant for Lunch, lunch will be served in a nice local restaurant, it's including in the tour, just the drinks are extra paid.

After lunch, you start the tour around the west bank of Luxor visiting the Valley of the kings , the royal cemetery of the pharaohs of the New kingdom, 63 tombs are over there , unfortunately most of them are closed for safety reasons or for restorations, around 10 tombs are opened nowadays , your tour guide will recommend you the best of the opened ones to visit .
The Valley of the Kings:
the burial ground of the pharaohs rulers from the 18th to 20th dynasty, For a period of 500 years beginning in the 16th century BC, tombs were built along this valley for pharaohs, including that of the great Pharaoh Ramses II and boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Found in 1922 by British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter.
The tomb of Tutankhamun is extra paid, 250 Egyptian pounds each, over there they don't accept any other currency but Egyptian pound, so if you are interested to make sure you have some Egyptian money.

Next visit will be to the temple of the queen Hatshepsut, a memorial temple was built to keep the memory of the queen, one of the most famous women in the ancient Egyptian history, after the historical background you will get some free time for photographing.
The Temple of Hatshepsut:
Temple of Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s first female pharaoh, came to power during the New Kingdom after the death of her father, Tuthmose I, and her half-brother and husband, Tuthmose II, who succeeded her father on the thrown.

The last visit will be to the colossal of Memnon, Two massive stone statues of king Amenhotep III are the only remains of a complete mortuary temple. The statues are made from blocks of quartzite stone that exist in Cairo then moved 700 KM to Luxor. representing the king Amenhotep III sitting on his throne flanking the entrance of his own temple.
After the historical background, you will get some free time for photographing.

Finally you start the journey back to Hurghada , first driving from the west bank to the east bank using Luxor bridge , from the east bank driving the same way back to the city, again a rest stop in the middle of the way in the same coffee shop you used in the morning for breakfast, from the rest stop one more hour and a half driving to your hotel in Hurghada

Your tour guide tours will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada for a fantastic snorkeling trip with desert island relaxation on the beautiful Red Sea, which full of different kinds of corals and magnificent colorful fishes with a chance to swim with the dolphins.

Enjoy the water sports activities on the Island and the national park with open buffet lunch aboard the cruise

At the end of the tour, we drive you back to the hotel in A/C vehicle.

At the end of your Hurghada holidays package, we will transfer you from your hotel to Hurghada airport and assist you through final departure formalities.

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